PPI Involvement

Since the turn of the 21st Century the National Health Service (NHS) has driven the research agenda by expecting patients and public involvement (PPI) in the development, delivery and evaluation of health services.  The aim is for people of all ages to be engaged and this includes children.

stuart-meredithWithin the field of AAC we have strived to work with people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication for many years and are delighted that we have 2 Co-Researchers on the project who are actively involved in every stage of the research process. sean_elliott_photography-1136-2   Stuart Meredith has used AAC for many years.  Liz Moulam is the mother of a young adult who uses AAC.  Stuart and Liz are specifically leading on dissemination for the I-ASC project.

In addition we have a critical friends group and on this there are 3 PPI representatives; someone who uses AAC, plus two parents of young adults who use AAC.

The NIHR Advisory Board has also appointed a parent of a young adult who uses AAC.